Two of our company’s best-selling sun loungers


Two of our company’s best-selling sun loungers

The sun lounger series of Foshan Darwin Furniture Co., Ltd. are characterized by high quality, design and practicality, providing customers with a variety of choices. Whether you are looking for a sense of luxury or are more concerned with cost-effectiveness, our products can meet your needs and inject a high-quality leisure experience into your projects and spaces. Today, we would like to introduce to you two of our company’s best-selling products:

1.Celebrity sun lounger – Race (Premium Edition):

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Design and craftsmanship: Race is a high-end sun lounger  that pays attention to quality and design, and is made of exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Its unique appearance design and meticulous detail processing make it a high-end choice in engineering projects.

Comfort: The Race sun lounger  is equipped with a high-quality mattress and backrest to provide the ultimate comfort experience. Whether it is an outdoor leisure area or an indoor space, Race provides users with the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

Material selection: Use outdoor materials with strong weather resistance, which can withstand the test of various climate conditions. At the same time, high-grade alloys and anti-oxidation treatments are used to ensure the stability and durability of the product.

Diverse applications: Suitable for various engineering projects, from high-end resorts to business and leisure venues, Race can be integrated into different environments and become the highlight of the space.

2. Star sun lounger - Racer (more cost-effective version):

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Affordable: Racer is a more cost-effective version of Race, focusing on providing affordable options. Even though the price is more affordable, it still maintains good quality and design.

Simple and practical: Racer adopts a simple and practical design, suitable for various engineering projects, including retail customers. Its simple appearance and durable materials make it a popular choice.

Durability: The same high-quality outdoor materials are used to ensure that it can withstand the test of the outdoor environment. Durability and easy maintenance are the characteristics of Racer, which is suitable for places that require frequent use and maintenance.

Widely Popular: Racer’s cost-effectiveness makes it a popular choice for projects of all budgets. Whether it is a retail area or a leisure space, Racer can provide a comfortable and practical bed experience.

Overall, both Race and Racer recliners have excellent design and adaptability to meet different customer needs. Race focuses on quality, while Racer focuses on cost-effectiveness. Both can be ideal choices for various engineering projects and retail customers. For different budgets, we have different products to meet your needs. 

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