How to maintain outdoor furniture


How to maintain outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture 

As the living standard of modern people is getting better and better, more and more people learn to enjoy life. Whether it is a villa or an apartment, everyone is keen to decorate their own balconies, terraces and roof gardens. Take advantage of the space you only have and enjoy your private life.


Outdoor furniture reflects the leisure and relaxation attitude of urban people. Now there are many styles of outdoor furniture. It takes a lot of thought to decorate your garden terrace. According to the decorative style of your home and the size of the courtyard, you should choose a furniture that is suitable for you. It can be divided into: Teak sofa tables and chairs, rattan furniture, rope furniture, bare aluminum alloy furniture. These furniture have good corrosion resistance, so you don't have to worry about the sun and rain. Coupled with a sunshade, it can also block the sun and light rain for you in summer, which makes you feel different.


Today, we will share you some tips on the maintenance of outdoor furniture according to different materials:


Outdoor furniture is placed outdoors. It is inevitable to be exposed to the sun and rain, so the maintenance of different materials is also different.


Teak wood furniture: this kind of material, because teak will secrete certain oil stains when exposed to the sun, it will generally turn white after 3 months after being washed by rain. Therefore, a layer of teak paint is usually applied to ensure the original teak color and keep your home bright.


Bare aluminum alloy furniture: it is generally OK to clean it with a dry cloth, or you can flush it with water.


Rattan weaving or rope weaving furniture: this kind of furniture shall be cleaned with a soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to prevent collision and scratch by hard objects at the blade tip, which will affect the service life of rattan.


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