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In terms of category, outdoor furniture includes outdoor sofas, outdoor dining tables and chairs, outdoor hanging chairs, outdoor day beds, outdoor chaise lounge , and outdoor balcony set.


In modern life, people are not only particular about indoor decoration and furniture, but also have high requirements for outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture layout and style should be in harmony with the style of the whole house. Outdoor furniture is generally based on sofas, and outdoor sofas have a variety of styles .


So ,how do we choose outdoor sofas?

1. Choose outdoor furniture that matches your lifestyle.

2. Determine the price you can accept based on your receiving range.

3. Check the different outdoor furniture materials carefully if they match the style of your garden .

4. Choose specially produced outdoor chair cushions that are resistant to mildew, sun exposure and tearing. The inner filling should be non-absorbent and quick-drying polyester material.

5. Before buying outdoor furniture, try it and make sure that the chairs and stools are comfortable .

7. Finally, choose a classic-looking umbrella to shade or prevent rain. You can even put a bunch of small light bulbs on it to add fun to the party.


And also , we will recommend some model for you, you can choose one that suits your home.


The first one: power coated aluminum sofa

European-style sofa is one style which is most people prefer. The outdoor sofa is made of power coated aluminum, which is very light , but durable and collision-proof. The exterior can customize other color, let your home more colorful.


The second one: rattan sofa

PE rattan has the advantages of non flammability, high strength and weather resistance. It is environmental friendly and fashionable. It is widely used in outdoor leisure furniture.This kind of outdoor sofa is hand-woven with PE rattan material. The whole appearance is simple and stylish, the quality is very good, practical and environmentally friendly, and it is an essential furniture for high-end courtyards. Outdoor rattan furniture has a good shape, clear shape and a beautiful sense of form. Through manual compilation, it can realize a variety of shapes, fashionable shapes and retro shapes!


The third one: rope sofa

Rope sofa is relatively novel in material and strong in tolerance. Compared with solid wood materials and metal materials, it has a high value difference. The most popular root cause of rope woven furniture is its high comfort, certain economic and environmental protection characteristics, which can greatly improve the user's satisfaction. At the same time, linear materials are very objective in terms of elasticity and high comfort, which can achieve the function of deformation and have a certain memory effect on the human body, In use, it can better meet the personalized needs of users.


The fourth one: solid wood sofa

The solid wood furniture itself has a noble temperament. Being in this environment will make people have a good mood, as if being in nature, even if there is much pressure, they will instantly feel very relaxed. Moreover, this kind of solid wood furniture does not give you a cold feeling like wood-based panel furniture, so that you will have a warm feeling at home. This kind of comfort is one of the benefits of solid wood furniture.

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