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The rope weaving process is the preferred material for new outdoor furniture. It is a popular material for outdoor furniture in European and American countries. It has the characteristics of durability and resistance to deformation.


The rope knitting process originally originated from the people. People gradually formed the rope knitting process in order to survive better. At present, the rope knitting process has derived a large number of products from simple tools. At the same time, the rope knitting outdoor furniture industry is the current derivative product. The rational integration of rope knitting technology into furniture design is not only a transformation and refinement of traditional rope knitting technology, but also has a significant effect on the aesthetics, comfort, economy and practicality of furniture.

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Through the furniture exhibitions in recent years, it can be found that furniture with the help of rope weaving technology not only has outstanding characteristics in form, but also has bright colors, unique styles and many ways of weaving. The economic value of rope-knitted furniture is higher. Compared with other solid wood furniture, it has obvious advantages in economic cost. At the same time, compared with other materials, the cost is also lower, because the gap between the rope and the rope can reach A certain weight bearing function, so with the help of the inevitable gap between the ropes, the design becomes a new pattern, thereby improving the aesthetics. In addition, weaving based on chemical materials is relatively new in terms of materials, and at the same time has relatively strong endurance, and has a higher value than solid wood materials and metal materials. The most popular basic reason for rope-knitted furniture is its high comfort, certain economic and environmental characteristics, soft texture and strong ergonomics, which can greatly improve user satisfaction. At the same time, linear materials are elastic. Very objective, high comfort, can achieve the function of deformation, also has a certain memory effect on the human body, and can better meet the individual needs of users in use.


There are two main types of rope-knitted furniture. The first is soft knitting, which is mainly based on knitting as the main process method. Part of the filling filler can be used in the braid. For example, the lazy sofa is a typical case, which has a unique and independent overall appearance. The sex body is simple and bulky. The rope knitting process can improve the aesthetics of the furniture to a certain extent, and different weaving processes can provide different feelings to the furniture, and significantly enhance the decorative function of the furniture. The other is frame weaving. Weaving design based on the frame support, compared with the lazy sofa, it can improve the design efficiency of the form to a certain extent. When the weighing is fully considered, the weaving technique can be combined to achieve a combination of hardness and softness. Make up the function. The hardness of the frame and the elasticity of the rope knitting process can achieve the effect of organic combination. While meeting the overall shape requirements, it can also meet the softness requirements of materials, which significantly improves the characteristics of soft materials in terms of shape.

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The material selected for outdoor furniture is generally represented by nylon rope, which has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, and easy cleaning. The choice of material is generally determined according to the purpose of the furniture. For outdoor furniture, in order to ensure the benefits of furniture use, the furniture needs to achieve a certain degree of waterproof and anti-corrosion functions. However, the hardness of these materials is relatively high, which is also manual The knitting production has increased the difficulty requirements. However, the technology of this kind of craft is very mature now, and hand-knitting and materials can slowly run into a perfect match.


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